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The Piedmont Epicurean and Agricultural Center

Cultivate • Preserve • Savor


Cultivate. Preserve. Savor.


We are professionals in food, wine, education, agriculture and local government working collaboratively to keep green the great land that we have. 

We want to teach ourselves and the next generation how to do it for the future, since our future depends on it.

We all keep learning from others on the same mission keeping land, local and good foods in the forefront.

We promote sustainability through education and our mission to Cultivate our land wisely, Preserve our rural and agricultural landscape, and Savor the results.

If you are a professional in the agriculture, culinary, or hospitality industries we have courses designed to expand your knowledgebase.  If you are an enthusiast of agricultural and epicurean products in the Virginia Piedmont, we have classes that will enrich your life!

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