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The Piedmont Epicurean and Agricultural Center

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PIEDMONT Epicurean Arts Center begins offering classes

Leesburg, Va, April 2, 2012:  The Piedmont Epicurean Arts Center (PEAC), a school dedicated to the collaborative education of our stewards for a sustainable rural economy, has begun offering classes in Leesburg, VA.

The Piedmont Epicurean Arts Center is a venture organized by Doug Fabbioli of Fabbioli Cellars, Lucinda Smith of A Perfect Pour and James F. Koennicke of Fabbioli Cellars. The PEAC offers classes for both industry professionals as well as enthusiasts of the epicurean arts including wine, food, agriculture and the businesses associated with them. Located in the Mason Enterprise Center in historic downtown Leesburg VA, the PEAC will begin offering courses immediately.

Identifying the need of vocational training for rural agricultural businesses as well as a responding to the demand for more in depth knowledge by the public on the epicurean arts, Doug Fabbioli enlisted the aid of Ms. Smith and Mr. Koennicke to develop the curriculum, provide leadership and form the core of the instructors at the Center. The goal is to provide education on all aspects of the epicurean arts from the planting and nurturing of crops to the finished dish or beverage on the table.

Initially focusing on the wine industry but soon to be expanding to other specialties, the PEAC is currently offering courses on Vineyard Management for those in the grape growing industry and several enthusiast courses for those who wish to learn more about wine. Most classes are $55 per person per class.

The current course offerings for the Vineyard Management track are:

  • Vineyard Layout and planting preparation
  • Planting the vineyard
  • Shoot thinning, suckering and herbicide
  • Tucking, canopy management
  • Pesticides and summer maintenance
  • Fruit thinning, green harvest
  • Prep for harvest and ripeness evaluation
  • Picking, picking, picking

For the Wine Enthusiast the offerings are:

  • Breakin' Down the Wine – How to evaluate wine like a professional
  • It's a White, White, White, White World! – An exploration of not so familiar white wines
  • The Power of Pink – A look at rosé wines from around the world
  • Wines Fit for a BBQ – How to pair wines with grilled foods and finding ones which won’t break the bank

In addition to these classes, the wine enthusiast track has a list of classes exploring grapes, wines and wine regions from around the world and for all budgets.  The full list of classes to be offered in 2012 will be posted on the website, www.epicureancenter.com, by the first of May.

Doug Fabbioli has over 35 years of experience in the wine industry. He started his career at Buena Vista Winery in the Carneros district of California.  Over the ten years of his employment, Doug had a chance to work with many fine winemakers including the legendary Andre Tchelistcheff of Beaulieu Vineyards. Returning to the East Coast he served as winemaker at both Tarara Winery and Doukenie (then Windham) winery in Northern Virginia before opening Fabbioli Cellars in 2001. Doug has been an instrumental consultant to Northern Virginia's wine industry since 2000.  This emphasis on helping young agricultural based businesses along with his efforts as chairman of Loudoun County Rural Economic Development Council has greatly influenced the development of the PEAC.  "Not all startup businesses can afford an expensive consultant to teach them how to build their farm business right.  I wanted to build a program that gives agricultural and epicurean specialists a venue to teach classes to fellow business people and aficionados alike.  The Piedmont Epicurean Arts Center will help both businesses and customers for that business in a productive, sustainable and entertaining way."

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